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Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling

The therapists with Relationships & More will use the practice of mindfulness, as well as cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic therapies.
Couples Therapy

Couples Counseling

Our couples counseling sessions are down-to-earth, science and research-based relationship therapy for anyone who defines themselves as a couple.
Online Counseling

Online Counseling

Our highly efficient online counseling service offers access to experienced expert counselors no matter where you live.

Relationships & More

Family Counseling in New York City

Do you and your partner frequently argue?

Do you feel like you and your partner are spinning around in circles?

Has your relationship lost its romance or intimacy?

Love stories and fairy tales do not depict the reality of living happily ever after. has a range of services suited to your needs. There are counseling services available in Rye and Croton-on-Hudson designed to help individuals, couples, families and online.

The change we are seeking is a time of opportunity, and we would like to thank you for being interested and contacting us. We strive to ensure that our therapists work hard to achieve your therapeutic goals by strengthening your emotional health, improving your interpersonal connections, becoming more aware of your triggers and reactions, and providing the tools you need to take control of your life. Our therapists are dedicated to your development and growth.

Our therapists have years of expertise working with individuals, couples, and families, and are licensed therapists in New York City. They are committed to their customers’ personal growth and development. They believe to live a full life, one must enhance both internal resources and interpersonal connections. The most promising opportunity for change awaits you, and we are eager to collaborate with you.

Even the strongest, happiest relationships can face difficulties in the real world due to daily stresses, unseen communication barriers, rage, monetary problems, and intimacy-related issues.

The most fulfilling, yet difficult aspect of your life is your relationship with your partner. Relationship satisfaction and harmony must be worked on, committed to, and maintained over time. Our primary therapist, Angela Penichet, MS, LCSW, has more than 20 years’ experience working with individuals and couples. We provide services to residents of Westchester County, NY, Southern Connecticut, and the surrounding areas from our two facilities in Croton, NY, and Rye, NY.

If you’re looking for NYC relationship therapy, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Relationships & More to gain a better understanding of your relationship and yourself.

We are with you every step of the way as you heal. The aim of our counseling practice is to improve communication, to help you grow closer as a couple, and to find ways to feel fulfilled individually and fulfilled in your relationship in Rye and Croton-on-Hudson, New York.


  • Qualified Individual Therapy

One form of psychotherapy that helps people work through problems they have been dealing with for a long time is individualized treatment. Everyone experiences ups and downs, but eventually the downs may become severe and you may need expert assistance to pull yourself out. If you are struggling with any of these problems, remember that you don’t have to suffer through tough times alone. You can trust us to give you strategies for overcoming difficulties and moving forward.

  • Couples therapy

It can be difficult to decide whether to visit a couple counselor or stay at home, but it is worthwhile. It entails realizing that your relationship isn’t flawless and that action needs to be taken to avoid a deteriorating situation. Our relationship-strengthening couples therapies in Westchester County, New York, combine solo and group counseling.

  • Adolescent Counseling

Professional adolescent therapists use comprehensive strategies that benefit your child in a variety of ways. These methods typically combine play therapy with conversation therapy for children. Kids sometimes find it difficult to verbally express themselves when going through a situation. They can readily express their opinions through play therapy with stories, picture books, and drawings. Additionally, this method of treatment can make counseling fun for teenagers.

If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!



Be Heard

Our practice has advanced clinical social workers who are here to listen to you and help you build the skills to cope with your personal situation. Whether you seek individual counseling or couples therapy, you can count on me for compassionate and confidential care.