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5 Tips for Planning a Grateful Thanksgiving

Holidays are their favorite time to spend a memorable time with the family members but for some, it brings stress, tension or anxiety while dealing with the family. Thus, to avoid making your holiday season stressful, there are plenty of things that you can try. From organizing a lavish dinner to exploring the sales with your loved ones, enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season. Below are some of the tips to deal with the Thanksgiving family stress:
Accept any stress or anxiety:
Holidays can be nerve-wracking, whether you are heading to someone else’s home or you are expecting guests. It can be a stressful situation to deal with your in-laws or other members, which whom you are not in good terms. Such situations can be the reasons for anxiety, but mainly it arises during the holidays like Thanksgiving. Thus, instead of feeling ashamed about your stress or anxiety, embrace the emotions, but try not to foretell the ones that are going to pop in the future.
When the situations are creating chaos, take one moment and give time to identify what you are feeling. Try to meditate and listen to your breath, you will find out that your anxieties will melt away.
Appreciate what’s in front of you:
Thanksgiving is one of the favorite holidays build up with the main feast, event, activities and more. Some may want a good pumpkin pie, or the kids might love to eat chocolate puddings, but if you are organizing the dinner, be prepared to take care of everyone’s happiness. And when you are at someone’s else place, instead of loading your place with an excess of dishes, try to consume whatever is on your plate without thinking about the next dish.
Practicing healthy eating will not give you stress instead you may find perfectly content with the food.
Plan some “ME” time:
Holidays are the best time for enjoying with the family, but such togetherness can be a bit terrifying. Mostly teenagers, who were planning to get a little alone time, might feel stressed that they couldn’t indulge in the solo movie that they were planning, before starting their class.
People always expect something from the holidays, so always keep in mind that Thanksgiving is not about pleasing other people. You can focus on yourself, plan what you want to do, and think about the future rather than taking family stress during the holidays.
A Distraction-free Thanksgiving:
Attempting to maintain a conversation with a friend who is more engaged in texting can be frustrating. Even family members can feel guilty when people are more involved in themselves as they have researched delicious recipes to satisfy the guests for the big feast. It can be irritating to connect with someone who is distracted by something else, most of the time.
Thus, whether you are hosting the event or visiting for the get-together, commit yourself to a distraction-free Thanksgiving. When it comes to holding our smartphones and texting, we are the worst offenders listening absentmindedly to the family. And most importantly, holidays are the only time to communicate with your loved ones, so make the most of it.
Try to Help Others:
Thanksgiving is the right time to make others happy by presenting them with something precious or special. Moreover, the feeling of making someone else’s day cannot be predictable, it is more than awesome.

There are endless ways to make it a joy of seasons for them by taking the initiative and helping them to ensure this thanksgiving they will remember you for the years to come.

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