Couples Therapy: A Close Insight

Couples therapy is the need of the hour. As individuals grow and become more liberal in their lives, priorities shift causing a shift in the equation between two lovers. Peoples fails to understand that relationships require hard work and constant efforts. Making those efforts to keep each other happy cannot end with tying the note. Relationships require maintenance. While often we can fix our problems on our own, many times we look towards others to help us. Just like a car requires regular maintenance, relationships and marriage always need to be looked after or a delay will cause more harm. Most couples avoid therapy due to the stigma around it, but it’s important to not let that stop you. Most basic problems can turn into huge issues if left unsolved. Most are unaware of how beneficial Couples therapy is, this blog would like to shine a light on the whole process of Couples therapy.

What is Couples therapy:

Just like individual therapy Couples therapy is an open and safe environment for couples to consult a professional and seek their help in finding solutions regarding their relationship. A Couples therapist will focus on you as an individual and your equation with your partner. They help you gain insight into your relationship and improve relationship satisfaction. Practices of each therapist might differ from another, however, they share some general elements like focus on a specific problem that the couple is facing, active participation of the therapist to treat the relationship itself, solution-based and change-oriented treatment.

The therapist tries to establish a relationship with the couple and get to know them. They want to know your history both individually and in the relationship. A therapist tries to provide an insight into the couple’s relational dynamic that is the problems. They help them change these variables and how they perceive the relationship and each other. They want to help you change your daily interaction.

Who is it for?

If you are unsure if a therapist is the right way to go, understand that therapy is good for all kinds of relationships. No matter what stage your relationship is and who your partner is, therapy is the best option and now is the right time to go to therapy. Therapy helps solve an already prevailing issue and prevent future conflict from taking place.

The most common issue couples face is infidelity. Affairs can be emotional and physical in nature. Though it might seem like a mountain to get over, trust can be built even after an affair.

Another cliché situation that almost all couples go through is the loss of a ‘spark’. While the definition of spark can vary from one to another, it is mostly a happy or exciting feeling a partner feels in regard to another. Couples slowly drift apart due to changes in their individual lives. Therapists help you change your priorities and introspect about your relationship.

Sometimes couples are unable to understand what is wrong and tend to grow resentful of the relationship. Consulting a therapist can guide them through why they must be feeling that way and what is the actual issue at hand. Even A lack of communication and inability to understand the other person can lead to cracks in a relationship.

Therapy is the best way to solve an emotional issue at hand. Therapists are professionally equipped with the tools and knowledge to guide us towards a healthy relationship. It should be embraced by everyone at all stages in their lives.

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