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Effective Ways to Overcome Holiday Stress

During holidays, there are lots of reasons to get worried about including the gifts that you haven’t packed yet, the pile of cookie exchange invites that haven’t sent, the office parties, theme, decoration, guest list, and more. But for many, the biggest source of holiday stress is the family dinner, thanksgiving, the obligations, and the burden of tradition that they must follow.

Thanksgiving is recognized as one of the most significant and joyous holidays. During this time, people celebrate family traditions and spend time to escape from the hustle-bustle of life. Though, planning and hosting holiday gatherings, or even attending various events or holidays with the family can become overwhelming and stressful. It is not only for seniors who may not handle stress but, also for the young ones and the couples who may get irritated with such occasions. Some ways can help you stay relaxed and stress-free this holiday season. Below are a few guidelines or tips that can be beneficial for planning a stress-free family Thanksgiving gathering:

Prepare a list to put your mind at ease:

The old-fashioned way of making a list can be helpful to clear your mind. Either use old school paper and pen or make a high-tech list on your smartphone, write down the gifts you intend to purchase or the things that you need to prepare, your allotted budget, decoration, and more. It can make the planning process easier to prioritize what needs to be done. Thus, to make it stress-free, manage one thing at a time.

Overcome the past:

Holidays can be haunted for some people including childhood disappointment, arguments that have hurt family relationships, or hurtful behavior of close people or friends. It can be bothering but, it is necessary to let the bygones be bygones, and cherish the things that are necessary for preserving the relationship. Escaping from the depression and anxiety caused by past events around the holiday season can be difficult. To overcome holiday depression and anxiety, think about the stuff that is going well. People usually focus on the negative things in their lives rather than counting their blessings.

Refrain from emotional baggage:

To make yourself free from the issues including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, and other forms of mental illness can be possible by releasing trapped emotions.

These are uncomfortable feelings that you may consciously or unconsciously dodge. When hurtful feelings aren’t solved, they become ambushed and can be a source of stress. Thus, only acknowledge that it happened, and consciously let it go.


The reason that people become stressed during the holidays is when their expectations are not met. They are worried that the meal with the relatives wouldn’t end up arguing or whether their children would behave or not with others.

But when people are flexible, they can realize that not everything always turns out in the wrong way. Being flexible or optimistic helps you to understand that if things turn out conversely, it’s not the end of the world.

Be humorous:

Laughter is one of the most suitable medicines and an excellent way to defeat stress during the holidays. One can read comics, watch comedy movies as it can help people to ease their problems and can make them happy.

If you don’t want the holiday season to be a time of stress and unhappiness for you, follow the tips for coping with stress and depression during the holidays.

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