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Spouses Affected by Their Partner’s Addiction: A Guide from Relationship Experts

What could be a better way of saying thanks by reducing family stress during Thanksgiving and help your loved one get rid of the deadly addiction? For once, you could accept your partners doing something wrong and talk to them about it but, when it becomes an addiction, things start becoming worse and, there’s nothing you can do about it.

On top of that, if your partner is so much into alcohol or drug addiction, managing them would never be so easy, rather you are more likely to experience an intricate and, lonesome road to love. Studies have shown that most of the problems in any relationship are caused by substance abuse that forces the connection to face a relatively harsh relational fallout.

However, people facing situations like these should understand that leaving each other doesn’t seem to be the only option. You should be more specific about your partner’s treatment process and help their parents and other relatives get over this tough time. Since it takes a lot of courage and a robust heart to make things go right, settle your in-laws and help your spouse cope up with the dooming health, not everyone is ready to face it which is why they end up neglecting all of these matters and choose to quit.

If you look closer into this solemn subject, you will realize that there is no other way to fight back the addiction other than handling it with patience, acceptance, and empathy. By doing this you will not only support your spouse successfully but, it will also turn up to be the best strategy for overcoming a complex health situation.

Now that, you have got a reason to hold back to the situation and help your spouse get over it, the final question is what things you should consider before reacting to this situation emphatically? Below mentioned are a few guidelines for all those spouses affected by their partner’s addiction.

Concentrate on the enigma

To build a supportive relationship and strengthen your spouse’s core so, they can get over the phase of addiction, it is essential for you to first concentrate on the main enigma. Concentrating on your spouse’s problem is much more important than focusing on the partner itself. While their usual characteristics will keep confusing you along with their changed behavior, focusing entirely on their disease will not just help you better focus on their healing term but there are chances you can relegate the disease sooner.

Be Your Judge

By being your judge means ask yourself what’s right for you and what’s not. Accepting the qualities of being patient, empathetic, and acceptable might be the rule of thumb for supporting your partner better but, it doesn’t mean you will end up ruining your self-respect. Accept thing and bend down to an extent as far as you feel like but, once you realize you are suffocating yourself, stop there and make a list of things what makes you feel right and whatnot.

Use “I feel” and “I need” statements

Most of the times when we tend to address people through using “You”, it comes up as a defensive tone. But, when you are using I feel and I need as, in the statements, you are expressing your feelings to your partner in response to their addictive behavior. However, there is no surety on this that your spouse will even hear what you think about them being addicted to alcohol or drug but, you can try it this Thanksgiving for reducing family stress during holidays and check their level of empathy for you.

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