Couples in a Therapy Session

How Couples Therapy Works and What to Expect

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples improve their relationship and communication with one another. It is typically conducted by a licensed mental health professional such as a marriage and family therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. The goal of couples therapy is to help couples identify the issues that are causing difficulty in their relationship. They then work together to create strategies and solutions to resolve those issues.

People often find counseling or treatment terrifying. Even more unsettling is the thought of being subjected to therapy alongside another person, as in a couples therapy session. This can sometimes make the initial feelings of dread or horror worse. Despite this, being prepared can help make your meetings seem simpler. This will give you peace of mind that, no matter what happens in your therapy session, you’ll leave feeling confident about the future.

What Is Couples Therapy or Counseling?

The goal of couples counseling is to help you and your partner discuss your issues and explore them together with the help of a specialist. It is important to realize that your therapist is there to support the opening up of your relationship while stressing the positive aspects as well as potential points of tension in your relationship. 

In order to ensure that the sessions are successful, it’s important to remember that this is a gradual process; it will take some time for both of you to open up fully, so effort will be needed on both sides to ensure the sessions are successful. It is vital for couples therapy to succeed that both patience and persistence are present. Attending in Westchester, NY, can help you achieve that. 

What to Anticipate at a Couple’s Therapy Session?

As part of couples therapy, you might find it useful to perform the following exercises frequently:

  •  Getting to know others and yourself

Basic concepts will be covered in the first session. Your counselor needs to get to know you both, as well as your likes, dislikes, family background, and what makes you tick. The structure may at first feel like an interview, but as your relationship with your therapist grows, it will gradually become more informal and conversational. 

  • Home assignments

It is likely that your therapist will send you projects to do between appointments so that you can stay productive. These can range from activities that encourage better communication to more targeted duties like utilizing certain words and phrases (such as “I” instead of “you”) when handling problems. 

  • Building trust

The two of you may be required to engage in trust exercises such as “trust falls” as part of your marriage. Make sure you don’t let them fall. Of course, trust exercises can also be a bit less dramatic than a trust fall, but don’t take them any less seriously, regardless of the form they take.

  • Integrity and intimacy drills

These kinds of assignments could involve holding hands or maintaining eye contact for a predetermined period of time. These are made to help you feel at ease being intimate and affectionate with your partner.  

Making a list of enjoyable and novel activities to try as a couple may also be recommended. This will bring excitement and novelty back into your relationship. Similarly, to rekindle positive sentiments about your relationship, you can be requested to compose an appreciation list in which you describe all the qualities you value about them.


Couples therapy can be a powerful tool for improving and strengthening relationships. It can help couples learn how to better communicate with one another, understand their own feelings and needs, and create a healthier relationship overall. Couples therapy is a safe and supportive space to talk about difficult issues, and can help couples build a better relationship for the future.


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