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Ways of Experiencing a Less-Stressful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is one of the favorite holidays on the calendar. It has been the busiest, stressful, and tiring days of the year. It is one of the days when we feel grateful for the blessings in our lives so, why do people are worried about Thanksgiving stress? The food, the family, the travel, the emotions, it can weigh more heavily on us than that second slice of pumpkin pie.
It is a treasured holiday for many because of the human tendency to romanticizing the Thanksgiving Days of the past. Sometimes, we set the bar of expectations so high that we are bound to experience a let-down when the reality doesn’t meet the expectations. If something wrong goes on Thanksgiving Day, throwing a wrench into our plans and expectations, it can increase our stress. The day can bring up serious issues that have not been resolved yet or everyone is trying to make the day perfect that it becomes a stressful day, rather than a happy one.
During the occasion, all the family member gathers, which can mean an increase in chaos and stress. Thus, creating a plan for reducing family stress during the holidays or, decreasing the likelihood of arguments and increases the plausibility that the people have a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving that they were assuming. Below are some of the ways that families must follow to reduce the stress level of Thanksgiving, which leads to a happier holiday.
Maintain Your Traditions:
There is no denying that creating and repeating family traditions is one of the wonderful tasks to do. It helps to unite families and create legacies that can persist for generations. But, traditions, if not managed, can also take on lives of their own, and families can end up serving traditions, rather than the traditions serving the family.
The thing that happens when people want everything about the holiday must be like last year or the year before. Thus, rather than focusing on the traditions, it is better to try to renew the conversations, the laughter, and love each Thanksgiving.
Evaluate your Expectations:
It is necessary to determine three necessary questions: 1. What are you planning? 2. What are the reasons behind your planning? 3. Is it right to expect that you can achieve the plan?
No matter how much you try, expectations are common and there is nothing bad in it. But it is necessary to recognize them before the holiday as it will help you to become a better fit with reality. It gives you more authority over your behavior and stress level on Thanksgiving Day.
Forget the Dream of a Perfect Thanksgiving:
A perfect Thanksgiving Day doesn’t exist as perfection is not all about happiness. When anything goes wrong, your attitude and response toward the situation go a long way to determining the stress level.
Build some Margin:
The host of the Thanksgiving dinner is the most stressed person as it doesn’t seem like a holiday to them. If you also experience the same situation and the preparations fall on you, there is no need to do everything yourself. Though you can handle the situation and the tasks better than anyone else, it is not necessary.

Thanksgiving supposed to be a full day with the family so don’t let one burnt piece to sour all the rituals and traditions. Thus, follow these rules as it will assist you in reducing Family Stress during Thanksgiving.

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